1 year Part Time Showcase Course


The part time SHOWCASE course begins in early October.

There are three terms each having 8 weeks. The course runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7.30 - 9.30 there are also three whole day Saturdays per term. 

All our tutors are industry professionals.

The venue is mainly at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and The Bristol School of Acting; there are some other locations. 

The fees are £1,300.00 for the year. 

Application form can be found at the bottom of this page. 


The Part time showcase course is specifically designed for those wishing to attract local directors, producers and agents. It is ideal for actors who have already had some training and wish to expand their skills and also for new actors wishing to gain experience similar to that of an accredited drama school.



Acting - These classes are based on the work of Stanislavsky, the Russian actor and director who was the first to propound a science of acting. He developed a system that helps the actor to deliver a performance that is artistic, truthful and dramatic.

Movement - This involves getting to know your own body and how it works in order to then adapt yourself to fit into any character.

Voice - These classes study vocal production, development and dynamics of the voice. 

Text Study - The first term looks at contemporary plays, the middle term studies Shakespeare and the third term leads towards the showcase performance where you will be in a scene and perform your own monologue.

Singing - Focusses on breathing techniques, vocal tone and range.

Improvisation - Improvisation develops an actor's spontaneity and responsivity; it teaches us to perform 'in the moment'; and it reminds us that character and story are created not just by the words an actor speaks but by everything they do on stage.  Improvisation is also playful, creative and extremely good fun.

Camera workshop - A fun day where you will perform a monologue and focus on truthful acting for film and TV.

Radio - You will learn microphone techniques and the many aspects of working in radio.

The Showcase - This is the finale of the course, it is a presentation of you and your work to industry employers. The usual venue is The Wickham Theatre at Bristol University. 

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The Training

On this course you will study modern texts and Shakespearean blank verse. We guide you through the skills and techniques needed to perform with confidence and truth. You will need to save approximately 10 hours a week for private study. We ask that you are fully committed to the course and apply yourself with respect and professionalism. 


The minimum age for eligibility is 17. 

You will need to prepare two contrasting pieces lasting not more than 2 minutes each. One should be Shakespeare and the other a modern speech written after 1960. The audition will last for 15 minutes during which time you will be asked to perform your two speeches and there will then be a short interview. We may re direct your speeches. You will be informed of the result as soon as possible. We cannot enter into any discussion as to the result. 

The Audition Fee is £25 

This course does not attract any funding. Students are expected to pay the fees in advance and also to provide for their subsistence expenses. Refunds are awarded only in very exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the management.